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Moxa Punk

Adopt low temperature processing of stone mill to make moxa punk
      Has long been moxa extract industry leading equipment and technology is the high-speed hammer type crusher, plus the large centrifugal drum screen, the combination of the process is high efficiency and no matter what argy wormwood leaf,  the quality of leaf or full with rod and grass, by increasing the processing number, the moxa punk can be made with beautiful color, but the moxa fiber is destructive and efficacy as higher temperature is made lower, the leaf, petiole, mesophyll and the fiber part will be super fine dust, and destroyed by part of moxa fiber wrapped in together. And the centrifugal drum screen cannot be completely separated, the method of improve purity of moxa punk is only further in this case,the moxa punk that is milled with the high temperature generated by the metal hammers that are crushed and cut at high speed will also further erode the efficacy of the moxibustion, and prevent it from achieving the mild penetrating effect during moxibustion.
       We produce by the ancient stone mill system of cold milling technology, moxa punk extracting with high purity, long fiber, low ash content, extraction process is out of touch with metal and high temperature, moxibustion efficacy keep enough, both ontinuity and high efficiency production. The moxa punk,moxa stick is with good experience of moxibustion and the treatment effect.

Specification of products

Materials: Three years old argy wormwood leaf
Moxa punk production process: Ancient stone grinding and cold processing
Excipients: Glutinous rice glue, argy wormwood leaf paper, mulberry paper
Ratio: 5:1 10:1 20:1
Moxa stick length: 20cm 15cm or customized according to requirements
Moxa stick diameter: 1.8cm 2.0cm 2.5cm 3.0cm 3.5cm 4.0cm 4.5cm 5.0cm
                  6.0cm 6.5cm 7.0cm 8.0cm
                  or customized according to requirements
Moxa column length: 2.8cm or customized according to requirements


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