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On Moxibustion Therapy

发布时间:2020-01-21  作者:admin
Many people do not know what kind of treatment is the first time they hear it, but when it comes to acupuncture, they think of silver needles. In fact, acupuncture and moxibustion are originally two types of treatments with different properties and different modes of action. Acupuncture and moxibustion are also called because they have a common theory, both based on the theory of meridians. Ancient doctors attached great importance to moxibustion, thinking that it was as important as acupuncture treatment, and could make up for the deficiency of acupuncture treatment. Therefore, "The Yellow Emperor's Canon" said "the acupuncture is not the best, the moxibustion is the right place." : "Beyond the medicine, less than the needle, you must moxibustion."
The ancients tried to use a variety of minerals, woody or herbs as the main material of moxibustion, but after a long practice, they found that moxibustion with moxa leaves has unique advantages that other moxibustion methods cannot replace. From the perspective of modern medical research, Ai After burning, it not only has infrared effect, the chemical components contained in mugwort leaves have the functions of sterilization, disinfection, antipyretics, sedation, and blood circulation. Burning and fumigation are performed on the body surface meridian points or diseased areas through moxa, moxa, etc., and with the help of warm drug stimulation, nerve conduction promotes local blood circulation and stimulates the body's immune function. Moxibustion is a pure physical therapy with no side effects. It has the effects of warming the collaterals, replenishing qi and activating blood, relieving cold and analgesic, lifting the sun, relieving deficiency and solidifying. It is suitable for the treatment of wind, cold, dampness and pain, periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, joint pain, epigastric cold pain, cough, dysmenorrhea, etc. The diseases that are susceptible to winter can be prevented by moxibustion in summer.
There are many methods of moxibustion. The more traditional method is "direct moxibustion", which is the most irritating method, that is, moxibustion is placed on acupoints after the ignition, and the skin is directly burned, making the skin red and swollen and forming small blisters. Moxibustion sores and scars are not easy to accept, so they are rarely used now. The medium irritation is "indirect moxibustion", also known as spacer moxibustion, which uses other drugs to separate moxibustion and acupuncture points to moxibustion, which can avoid burns to the skin. In addition, the synergistic effect of the spacer's medicinal properties and moxibustion can be used To achieve greater results. Now, the most widely used method is "mild moxibustion", which is a burning moxa stick that keeps a certain distance from the skin. Patients usually only feel warm without burning sensations. This method is relatively simple and easy to do, as long as you master the basics In principle, patients can also perform moxibustion at home. If they can persevere, they can achieve health care and prevent diseases.


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