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What are the benefits of moxa stick smoked rooms?

发布时间:2020-02-22  作者:admin
What are the benefits of moxa smoked rooms?
First, the benefits of moxa smoked room
The method of moxa smoking a room has a long history. Moxa is a good moxibustion product. Moxa moxibustion is often used. It has the effects of warming the meridian, clearing dampness and dispersing cold, sterilizing and analgesic, and preventing colds. Using moxa to smoke a room can play a role in disinfecting, sterilizing, removing odors, and driving away mosquitoes.
The purpose of using moxa to smoke a room is mainly to hope that the moxa smoke produced after igniting the moxa will sterilize the indoor air, kill harmful bacteria in the air, and breathe healthy air. Especially in summer, there is more rain and more moisture in the air. In addition, air conditioners are used more often, there is no regular ventilation, and it is easy to breed bacteria because it is not circulating and circulating. In moist rooms and offices, lighting some moxa sticks can smoke, disinfect, sterilize, and remove odors.

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Second, the efficacy and role of moxa
1. Moxa sticks are made of moxa leaf and have a mild flavor. Using moxa sticks to perform moxibustion at meridian points has the effect of qi and blood. It can reconcile qi and blood, moisturize the complexion, make people radiate health, and can effectively improve. Stagnation of muscles caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, pain in the limbs, etc.
2. The method of using moxa is moxibustion. During the moxibustion, the medicinal power can enter the meridians by warming the meridian points, which can strengthen the body's blood flow and achieve the effect of warming and analgesic.
3. Using moxa sticks for moxibustion, in addition to treating diseases, also has the role of preventing diseases and health care, which is one of the methods of disease prevention and health care.
Extended information:
Moxa is made from wormwood leaves. Among them, the volatile wormwood oil is mainly used for healing. The main components in the oil are Ⅰ, 8-eucalyptol, α-Thujone, α-phellandrene, β-syringa. Ene, camphene, camphor, zanestrone, trans-reedanol, I-α-terpineol. In addition, artemisia leaves also contain 10.13% of minerals, 2.59% of fat, 25.85% of protein, cellulose, and vitamins A, B1, B2, and C.
Moxa contains Tibetan anisinone, which has the effects of warming the spleen and relieving the wind and cold, and has a therapeutic effect on cold and sore spleen and stomach, as well as dampness and coldness. It also has a fragrant, volatile odor, which can be used in moxibustion. Walking through the meridians, thereby activating qi and activating blood.
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