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The best time for moxibustion

发布时间:2020-02-23  作者:admin
Moxibustion can treat many diseases, so it is very popular. Many people want to know how many days of moxibustion treatment?
How many days for a moxibustion course
Generally speaking, when doing moxibustion, once a day is sufficient, but the time for moxibustion should not be too short, if it is too short, the effect may not be achieved. Generally speaking, the moxibustion time in the waist and abdomen area should not be less. At 40 minutes, the leg time is usually 20 minutes. A course of treatment is about two weeks. After two weeks, you can rest appropriately for a day or two before you start moxibustion.
Whether moxibustion can be done every day depends on different situations, such as some sudden acute symptoms of the body, some are serious, we can moxibustion some times, moxibustion once or twice a day until the symptoms are cured, but there is a The premise is that your body can eat and drink.
There is a pause for chronic diseases after a period of moxibustion. If a certain disease has troubled us for many years, when you first start moxibustion, you should take it slowly and pay attention to step by step. This kind of moxibustion can be started every day for half a month. Right and left, rest for two days in the middle, and then moxibustion every day.
How many days for a moxibustion course
Does moxibustion have any side effects on the human body?
Moxibustion is a kind of natural and natural therapy. It generally does not cause adverse reactions to the human body. Therefore, moxibustion itself does not produce side effects. If it is said that moxibustion has side effects, it is mainly a mistake in judging its own constitution and wrong choices. The point of moxibustion has caused physical discomfort.
Moxibustion therapy requires patience in conditioning, and must not be eager to achieve success. To achieve a certain effect, it is necessary to have long-term confidence.
What happens after a moxibustion reaction
1. Hemp and cold
After the moxibustion, there is a feeling of wind or numbness at the knees; there is also a moxibustion at the Mingmen acupoint or the navel which is cold at the Yongquan acupoint, which is a phenomenon of phobia from the wind or cold.
2, red and white spots
If the skin flushing is uneven after moxibustion, there are light white spots of different sizes in the middle of the flushing, and some are more white and less red!
This is due to the failure of local meridians and poor blood circulation. It is suggested to continue moxibustion treatment until the warmth of the moxibustion area is enhanced. After the moxibustion, the white spots on the skin disappear, and uniform flushing and sweating are sufficient for a course of treatment. dose.
What happens after a moxibustion reaction
3.Skin is flushed and has moisture
In the process of moxibustion, the skin around the acupuncture points will also have patches of flushing, even water vapor, and the hand feels moist. (This phenomenon usually occurs in the case of moxibustion using a moxibustion box or moxibustion tank. This kind of reaction rarely occurs), and this kind of reaction mostly indicates that the amount of moxibustion at one time is relatively enough to stop the moxibustion.
4, rash, itching
If the body's moisture is heavy, a small rash on the face or body will appear during the moxibustion treatment and itching, which is a manifestation of the efflux of moisture in the body. In this case, you can continue moxibustion for observation. If the rash subsides on its own, you can add moxibustion to Quchi and Hegu if it does not regress or worsen.
What are the precautions for moxibustion
1. At the time of moxibustion, or the whole course of moxibustion, we are most taboo to drink cold water and eat cold rice. This is like removing fire from moxibustion, which is not conducive to the treatment of diseases.
2. It is best to drink a cup of warm water before moxibustion, which is higher than body temperature. After moxibustion, make a cup of hot water and add a cup of hot water about 60 degrees.
What are the precautions for moxibustion
3. If you wash your hands immediately after moxibustion, I hope you use hot water, which is higher than body temperature, about 50 degrees. If it is not rheumatoid disease, cold disease, postpartum wind disease, you can use cold water 30 minutes after moxibustion, but in principle, do not rush to wash your hands immediately after moxibustion with cold water, I hope you use hot water.
4. Many pregnant pregnant dads and pregnant mothers choose to use moxibustion to maintain their figure. Then you can have the same room immediately after moxibustion, but this method also varies from person to person. Some people have better physical fitness, or only need moxibustion once or twice, but some people need to stick to moxibustion for a long time. Tips for maintenance after moxibustion: The wind and cold after moxibustion must be avoided. The seven emotions are to live carefully. Avoid cold and mellow taste, but vegetarian food is the most suitable.
5. Moxibustion requires us to maintain emotional stability. Too happy or sad is not conducive to moxibustion. In this case, the effect of moxibustion will be greatly reduced. And overeating or not eating is not suitable for moxibustion, especially some patients with gastrointestinal diseases, these problems should be avoided.
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