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What is moxa punk?

发布时间:2020-02-28  作者:admin
What is moxa punk?
Moxa punk is a soft, cotton-like article obtained from wormwood by repeatedly drying the pestle, beating, and smashing to remove impurities and dust. Moxa punkis the raw material for making moxa punk, and it is also the main material used in moxibustion.
According to the efficacy of moxa punk, make health products for people in daily life, such as moxa punk belly, pillows, cushions, insoles, moxa punk clothing, various protective gear (knee pads, waist protection, belly protection, etc.), moxa punk quilts and moxa punk Foot bag, bath bag and many other moxa punk products.

moxa punk
Extended information:
It is said that argy wormwood leaf has the function of driving drugs and dispel evil spirits. It was often used for divination in ancient times. Especially in the Dragon Boat Festival, every family would hang or insert wormwood tied with red paper at the door to bless the auspiciousness and safety of the family. The lunar May is commonly known as the "poisonous month", and the fifth day of the lunar calendar is the "day of the anode" and is also called the "sky festival". The strong yang will inevitably produce "evil qi" such as "heat poison", which will disturb the peace and harmony of the home and be detrimental to physical health.
People will collect Ai and use argy wormwood leaf to drive poison and ward off evil. According to the <Fengtuzhi> of the Jin Dynasty, on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, people put wormwood into an adult shape, or weave it into a tiger shape, or cut it into a tiger shape with colored cloth. Paste it, and the object made up or cut out is called "Aihu"
Women started to pin “Aihu” on the hairline on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, men wore “Aihu” on their chests or hung on their waists, and children tied their arms with colorful lines, which was called “long life” "Strand" has a "not sick" effect. On this day, people also picked the wormwood leaves and glutinous rice together to make "Artemisia annua", which means that after eating, it can be "rickets of Baoankang".
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