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Ginger Moxibustion

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Ginger moxibustion
    Ginger-based moxibustion is recorded in Ming and Yang Jizhou's "Acupuncture and Moxibustion": "Moxibustion uses ginger slices as thick as money, puts them in the points on the tongue, and then moxibustes them." Later, in Zhang Jingyue's "Classical Jingyi", he mentioned that treating hemorrhoids "single slices of ginger alone, put the painful area of ​​the hemorrhoids, use Ai Zhi on Jiang Zhuang's three moxibustion, yellow water comes out, and self-dissipating." It is also described in books such as Li Shangwen by Wu Shangxian and Acupuncture Fengyuan by Li Xuechuan in the Qing Dynasty. In modern times, because of the convenience of obtaining materials and simple operation, it has become one of the most commonly used spacer moxibustion methods. The moxibustion treatment is generally the same as that in ancient times, with some improvements, such as adding some drugs to Ai Yi or filling a layer of powder under the moxibustion film to enhance the treatment effect.

Ginger Moxibustion

[Operation method]
    Take a piece of ginger, choose fresh ginger, cut along the ginger fiber lengthwise, and cut into ginger slices with a thickness of about 0.2 to 0.5 cm. The size can be determined by the location of the acupoint area and the size of the moxa selected. Use a three-pointed needle in the middle. Puncture several holes. During moxibustion, place it in the acupoint area, place large or medium moxa on it, and light it. When the patient has a local burning sensation, lift up the ginger tablets slightly, or replace with moxa and moxibustion. Generally, each moxibustion is 5 to 10 strong, with local flushing as the degree. After moxibustion, apply safflower oil to the moxibustion site, one is to prevent skin burns, and the other is to enhance the effectiveness of moxibustion in activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis and dispersing cold and analgesics. In recent years, some acupuncture workers also use ginger to purify moxibustion, which has a good effect on some diseases and syndromes. The moxibustion method and post-moxibustion care can refer to purulent moxibustion.
    Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nocturnal emission, impotence, dysmenorrhea, peripheral facial paralysis, etc.
    1. Ginger used for ginger moxibustion should use fresh old ginger. It should be cut and used immediately. Dried or tender ginger should not be used.
    2. The thickness of ginger slices should be determined according to the location and disease syndrome of the root. In general, ginger slices can be thicker for sensitive areas such as the face, and ginger slices can be cut thinner for acute or painful symptoms.
    3. In the process of moxibustion, if you accidentally burn your skin, causing the skin to appear transparent and blisters, you must pay attention to prevent infection. The treatment method can refer to the scarless moxibustion method.
【Clinical application】
    Acupoints: Main points: There are three groups. ① Feishu; ② Guyou, Zhongfu; ③ Bailao, Tiantu.
    Acupoints: ① Zusanli (double); ② Fenglong (double).
    Governing Law:
    Preparation of moxibustion: take chlorpheniramine (4mg / tablet), ammonia tea tincture (0.1g / tablet), prednisone (5mg / tablet), the ratio (in "tablets") is 1:10:10; one hundred The proportion of the three ingredients (in grams) is 7: 2: 1. The Chinese and western medicine powders are ground into extremely fine powders, and then the Chinese and western medicine powders are made into 10: 1 ratio (in "grams"). Units) and mix evenly. Take 1g of Chinese and Western medicine mixed powder in each acupoint and mix with fresh ginger juice to make a paste.
    Specific operation: the first group of acupuncture points, the second group of acupuncture points, the third group of acupuncture points, and then repeated in sequence (a total of 15 times). After determining the acupoints, place fresh ginger slices (acupuncture several small holes) on the acupoints, ignite 3 ~ 5 zhuang on the ginger slices, and take the local acupuncture points as the degree, and paste the spare medicine paste on the acupoint And fixed with half a musk analgesic cream. Adults apply it for 10 to 20 hours at a time. If the patient feels hot and uncomfortable, a large bubble can be removed in advance. The medicine can be applied for 5 to 10 hours in children. Treatment course: every year in the summer, one month (15 times in total) for three consecutive years.
    Acupoint injection on the thirty-nine days: Feishu (double) was taken in the first group of the main point, Jishu (double) was taken in the second group, and Shenshu (double) was taken in the third group. The first treatment is to take the acupoints plus matching points in the first group ①, the second treatment is to take the acupoints plus matching points in the second group ②, and the third treatment is to take the acupoints plus matching points in the third group ①, and then repeat in order. During operation, conventional acupoint disinfection, 2% iodine sterilization, 75% ethanol deiodization, use sterile syringes and 5 gauge needles to extract 4ml nuclear casein injection and inject them into the above acupoints (the patient is injected after getting gas), each acupoint lml. Acupoint injections were made one month after the winter solstice, and 12 injections were made 3 times a week.
    Efficacy: Treatment of 380 cases of asthma with Sanfutian moxibustion patch and acupoint injection on Sanjiutian, 80 cases were cured (21.0%), 92 cases were markedly effective (24.2%), 160 cases were improved (42.1%), 48 cases were ineffective (12.6%) ). The effective rate was 87.4%.
    Comparison of the efficacy of chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, and bronchial asthma: 175 cases of chronic bronchitis, the effective rate is 91.4%; 93 cases of asthmatic bronchitis, the effective rate is 82.7%; 112 cases of bronchial asthma, the effective rate 84.8%.
    2. Bronchial asthma
    Acupoint selection: Tiantu, Dazhui, Qihai, Feishu, plaster.
    Treatment method: Let the patient lie supine on the bed, take the Tiantu and Qihai points, put a little musk, and then put a 2mm thick piece of ginger on top of the moxa, as large as half a grain of peanut rice, then moxibustion 3 strong, then Remove ginger, separate only musk, and use moxa to moxibustion 4 strong; until musk becomes gray charcoal, a total of 7 strong. Wipe the acupuncture points with an ethanol cotton ball, then let the patient lie prone on the bed, take Dazhui point, Shuangfeishu point, Shuanggao acupoint, and use the same moxibustion to treat each of the 7 moxibustion points. After moxibustion, put a piece of ordinary plaster on the moxibustion area. Change every 24 hours. After a few days, after the purulent area of ​​the moxibustion sores, if there is more pus, apply some erythromycin ointment and paste a sterile gauze. After 30 days of moxibustion, scabs formed. Shedding with scars. Impervious suppuration and those with scarce pus may take some hair products, such as wine, shallots, garlic, etc., to promote the percussion of moxibustion so as to improve the efficacy. After moxibustion, it is forbidden to eat fishy fish and aquatic products, and prevent colds. Pay attention to rest to prevent asthma attacks and affect the treatment effect. Every day of summer in the summer (usually between July 10th to August 10th). Use moxibustion once a year, three times as a course of treatment.
    Efficacy: Healed for 2 to 20 years without episodes, 45 patients, accounting for 43.69%; 30 patients with significant remission accounted for 29.13%; 24 patients improved, accounting for 23.30%; 4 patients were ineffective. 55 to 60 years old, accompanied by obvious emphysema, chronic bronchitis and other symptoms, accounting for 3.88%.
    3. Peripheral facial paralysis
    Method 1 (General peripheral facial paralysis)
    Acupoint selection: divided into two groups: ① under the earlobe, Shimonoseki, Sibai, E liao; ② Jia che.
    Governing Law: Take any group and take the affected side points. The first group: Ginger slices are placed on the acupuncture points, and hand-twisted pure moxa is placed on top of the ginger slices. The incense sticks ignite moxibustion. Requirement: Choose fresh ginger, cut along the ginger fiber lengthwise, 2cm in diameter, and about 3mm thick; count the number of strong, the degree of flushing and moisturizing skin. Treatment is performed once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment, with a rest period of 2 days during the course of treatment, and the curative effect is counted after three courses of treatment. In the second group, a ginger slice with a diameter of 2 cm and a thickness of about 0.5 cm was used to puncture several small holes with a needle and placed on the cheek of the upper side of the affected cheek. Take clear moxa and make moxa with slightly smaller base than ginger, light it, and moxibustion for 3 ~ 5. Local blisters appear within a few hours after moxibustion. Pay attention to protecting moxibustion bubbles from infection. According to the recovery of peripheral facial nerve paralysis, moxibustion can be performed once more after the moxibustion bubble heals.
    Efficacy: Treated with the first group of acupoints, 30 cases in the acute phase, 15 cases were cured, 5 cases were markedly effective, 8 cases were effective, and 2 cases were ineffective; 30 cases were recovered, 15 cases were cured, 12 cases were markedly effective, 2 cases were effective, and 1 case was ineffective ; 30 cases of sequelae, 4 cases were cured, 8 cases were markedly effective, 15 cases were effective, and 3 cases were ineffective.
    50 cases were treated with the second group of acupoints. Results: 40 cases were cured, 8 cases were improved, 2 cases were ineffective; acupuncture group was cured 41 cases, 8 cases were improved, 1 case was ineffective. It should be noted that this method uses ginger-separated moxibustion for about 5 times to make local skin Ⅰ degree to shallow Ⅱ degree burns. After the moxibustion bubble heals, there is some local pigmentation in the early part, and it will gradually fade away without leaving scars, but the facial skin is relatively delicate. Pay attention to the degree of local scalds after moxibustion, and adjust the number of moxibustion at any time. Patients with poor pain tolerance can be treated with moxibustion after local anesthesia, which has no significant effect on the efficacy.
    Method two (refractory peripheral facial paralysis)
    Acupoint selection: cheek car, ground warehouse, Yingxiang, bamboo, Zhengzheng, Fengchi.
    Treatment method: divide into two groups (3 points each), take both sides, alternately every other day. Place 1 piece of ginger on each point (thickness of about 2mm, diameter of about 1.5-2cm, the center of the ginger piece can puncture several small holes ), The center of the ginger tablet is placed as a large conical wormwood with a pinky abdomen. It is ignited from the upper end. The heat makes the patient tolerate it. Too hot, you can move the ginger tablet slightly. Each point must be moxibustion 5-7. At the same time with acupuncture on acupuncture points: Zusanli, Hegu, Chongyang, Taiyang (both pairs), divided into two groups (2 points in each group). Use alternately every other day. The method of leveling up and reducing diarrhea, leaving the needle for 15-20 minutes. Stitch twice. Moxibustion and acupuncture can be used at the same time, once a day, 6 times as a course of treatment.
    Efficacy: A total of 22 cases were observed, and 3 to 6 courses of treatment were performed by this method. Results: 18 cases were basically cured, accounting for 81.8%. 3 cases were markedly effective, accounting for 13.6%; 1 case was ineffective, accounting for 4.6%. The total effective rate was 95.4%.
    4. Sagging stomach
    Acupoint selection: Baihui, Zhongli, Qihai.
    Treatment method: Take a piece of ginger of appropriate size, cut it into thin slices with a thickness of 0.2cm with a knife, place it on Baihui Point, and then take a small amount of moxa and make it on the ginger piece to ignite. Ask the patient to sit quietly with eyes closed and do Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. After moxibustion at Baihui Point, add the above two points for fumigation and moxibustion, and place the patient in a supine position during the two points above. Each moxibustion is 15 minutes, 1 to 2 times a day, and 15 days is a course of treatment. At the same time with medical gymnastics, that is, supine, soles of the feet stepping on the bed, buttocks lifting movements, head, shoulders, two feet on the bed. When the buttocks are lifted, tighten the anus and maintain it for about 1 minute, then drop it, rest for a while, then do it 3 to 5 times in a row, once a day in the morning and evening. Pay attention to eating small meals and frequent meals. Require to squat down every time you eat and pause for 2 to 5 minutes after eating.
    Efficacy: A total of 50 cases were treated. After 1 course of treatment, 30 cases were cured, 14 cases were markedly effective, and 6 cases were effective. All work.
    5. Intestinal obstruction
    Acupoint selection: shrine.
    Governing method: Cut ginger into 1-thick slices and place them on the umbilical. Punch moxa mixed with borneol powder into a pagoda sugar-like size and place them on ginger slices for moxibustion. Each moxibustion is 3 strong, about 15-25 minutes, moxibustion 2 times a day.
    Efficacy: A total of 32 cases of various types of intestinal obstruction were treated. As a result, 17 cases of adhesive intestinal obstruction were effective in 17 cases; 6 cases of paralytic intestinal obstruction were effective in 2 cases; 3 cases of tapeworm intestinal obstruction were effective in 2 cases; hernia incarceration 3 One case was markedly effective; one case of intussusception was also markedly effective. All of the above cases were ineffective in removing obstructive strangulated ileus in 1 to 2 days. A total of 27 cases were markedly effective, with a markedly effective rate of 84.4%.
    6. Urinary retention
    Main points: Guan Yuan, Zhongji, Yinlingquan, Sanyinjiao.
    Acupoints: those with liver and kidney yin deficiency plus Taixi and Shenshu; those with depression in the middle of the air plus Sanli and Qihai; those with hot and humid bladder plus bladder.
    Governing law: take the main points, add points according to the symptoms. Acupuncture first, then moxibustion with ginger. Select 30-millimeter needles, needle Guanyuan, Zhongji, Qiqi, the needle tip is inclined downward at a 45 ° angle, and the needle is inserted 1 to 1.5 inches to try to make the needle feel to the perineum; needle Yanglingquan, Sanyinjiao, Taixi , Zusanli, Shenshu, and bladder shu use straight puncture, enter the needle 1 ~ 1.5 inches, try to make the needle feel to the groin and perineum, and leave the needle for 30min, during which the needle is inserted every 10min.
    After the needles are cut out, cut into 0.2 to 0.3 cm thick ginger slices, perforate several with the needles, place them on Zhongji, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai points, place lotus seed moxa grains on ginger slices and light moxibustion, 3 ~ each time 9 Zhuang, acupuncture once a day, twice a day for urgent cases, 10 times as a course of treatment.
    Those with poor curative effects can cooperate with taking traditional Chinese medicine. According to the syndrome differentiation, they can be divided into four types, namely kidney-yang deficiency, depression of mid-air, damp-heat of lower scorch, and fever of lungs. Representative prescriptions are Jinkui Shenqi Pill and Buzhong Yiqi. Decoction, Bazheng San, Qingfei Yin, etc., clinically compatible with diuretics, such as addition and subtraction.
    Efficacy: Observed 87 cases, 77 cases were cured, 3 cases were effective, 7 cases were ineffective. The total effective rate was 92.0%. Among them, 17 cases were treated with urination on one day, 31 cases were treated with urination on 2 days, 15 cases were treated with urination on 3-6 days, 8 cases were cured within 10 times, and 4 cases were cured more than 10 times.
    7. headache
    Acupoints: Main points: Guan Yuan, Qihai, Baihui, Sun, Fengchi, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli.
    Acupoints: Qi and Blood Deficiency Headache plus Zhongyu and Shuyu; Kidney Yang Deficiency Headache plus Shenshu and Taixi. Sputum and plump.
    Methods: Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, Shen Yu, and Ji Yu were all acupunctured with twisting and tonic method, and the needles were kept for 5 minutes after getting Qi, and ginger acupuncture was performed at each point after the needle was lifted. Qing Ai Article Moxibustion 5 ~ 10min. Induction after moxibustion: When Guan Yuan and Qi Hai continuously moxibustion for three days and then moxibustion, most people feel hot air and go down to the glans or perineum; after the Baihui moxibustion, the whole head is hot, swollen, numb, woody, and eye bright; Jiyu and Shenshu moxibustion Heat from back spine to lumbar spine. Sanyinjiao, Zusanli, Taixi, all use twisting tonic method; Zhongyao, Taiyang, Fengchi Pingbuixiai (three to 5 drops of blood from the sun for those with blood stasis); Leave the needles for 30 min, and perform the technique once every 5 min.
    Each point of acupuncture is administered once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment, and the next course of treatment is performed every 2 to 3 days.
    Efficacy: Of the 63 cases in this group, 57 cases were cured, 3 cases were markedly effective, 2 cases were effective, and 1 case was ineffective. The total effective rate was 98.4%. The treatment time is at most 3 courses and at least 1 course.
    8. Sciatica
    Acupoint selection: Ashi acupoint (ie tenderness point. The method of finding it is: first let the patient take a prone position, the doctor presses down evenly with the thumb of his right hand, and searches for tenderness points from the spine, the order is from top to bottom, also It is pressing from Xuanshu point to Yaoshu point. By pressing this part of the spine, find the tender point).
    Method: Cut fresh ginger into a 5-cent coin-shaped circular area with a thickness of about 2mm, and then use a match stick to drill holes in the ginger slices, but cannot completely drill through, otherwise it is easy to burn the skin. Put ginger slices on the tenderness point first, then put on wormwood, ignite with a match, about 3 strong (estimated 6min) to make the local skin flush. Moxibustion once, if the pain is more severe, you can also moxibustion twice, 10 days as a course of treatment. After moxibustion, apply safflower oil to the moxibustion site, one is to prevent skin burns, and the other is to enhance the effectiveness of moxibustion in activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis and dispersing cold and analgesics.

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