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Moxa cone moxibustion

发布时间:2020-03-02  作者:admin
     moxa cone moxibustion is divided into skin moxibustion (also known as direct moxibustion) and spacer moxibustion (also known as indirect moxibustion). This chapter only discusses skin moxibustion. Skin moxibustion is a method of moxa cone placed directly on the skin surface of the acupoint area. In ancient times, it was also called moxibustion and meat-moxibustion. It is the earliest applied moxibustion method in China.
moxa cone
     The so-called moxa cone refers to the moxa punk formed into a certain shape for moxibustion. In ancient times, the shape of moxa cones was a variety of cones, horns, and spindles. Modern and more conical moxa cones are most commonly used. There are three types: large, medium, and small. The large moxa cone is about 1cm high and the diameter of the bottom is about 1cm, which can burn for 3 to 5 minutes. The middle moxa cone is halved by the moxa cone. The small moxa cone is like wheat grains. Three moxa cones, similar in shape. Regardless of its size, its height is approximately equal to its diameter on the bottom. In order to enhance the therapeutic effect, the ancients often mixed certain drugs in moxa, mostly aromatic drugs such as musk, woody fragrance, realgar and so on. It is also selected according to the disease treatment certificates, such as croton and moxa cone, moxibustion, carbuncle, and lead powder for heartache. The latter is rarely used in modern times.
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