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Moxibustion experience for a lover

发布时间:2020-03-07  作者:admin
      If moxibustion is divided into elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels, then I use 500 moxa sticks for one and a half years to slowly enter the primary stage; everyone's physical condition is different, maybe it is because my body is too cold , But I insisted.
My Moxibustion Primary Stage
      I started to contact moxibustion in July 2009. At that time, the main problem of my body was legs. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, my legs were cold. I wore autumn pants in summer and cotton pants in winter. I went to see the Chinese medicine hospital in Kuanjie, Beijing. The doctor said that it was superficial phlebitis. I took Chinese medicine for about three months and could not take it anymore. After taking the medicine, my stomach became swollen after four o'clock in the afternoon and I had to fart. Ask the doctor, the doctor said that it is a gastrointestinal reaction to taking medicine, and should be discontinued. No way but to rely on yourself.
      I started receiving moxibustion. After reading it through a blog, I knew that moxibustion can cure my leg problems, so I set up a cure plan for myself: the first is moxibustion at Guanyuan and Zusanli, and the other is mandatory. Running. As long as you are free, you must run 5,000 meters every day.
      At the beginning of moxibustion, there was no sense of moxibustion. This state lasted for about a month. Every day when I return from the office to my place of residence, I take a bath first, then use a bamboo moxibustion box to moxibustion Guanyuan acupoint for 30 minutes, and then start hanging moxibustion at Zusanli to feel hot and comfortable. And there are obviously fewer mosquitoes in the house. Think about mosquito coils is not very healthy, right when it is mosquito coils.
      At the beginning of moxibustion at Zusanli, blisters often appeared in Zusanli area. After blistering, the blisters were also treated. During the period, there were several cases of suppuration and there was no tube. Moxibustion legs Zusanli were generally 60 minutes a day. Then at 9 o'clock in the evening, I ran outside with my roommate, 5000 meters six times a week, jogging, rested when I was tired, and returned to bed after running.
     Now think about it, it may be a coincidence. Moxibustion blistering is to force out the cold in the meridians. When running, the qi and blood are active, and the two-pronged approach guarantees the future moxibustion effect. This is the preparation stage for my moxibustion.
     do not rush to take a shower after running, do not blow the air conditioner, take a shower after an hour of cold.
This lasted until September, when the Zusanli acupoint on the leg was already terrible, the scars were healed one after another; they were often in the state of suppuration.
     Finally began to feel moxibustion. But at that time, there was no feeling of moxibustion, that is, when a moxibustion of Zusanli, there was a current passing from Zusanli to the toes, and a line of numbness went down. At the same time, I felt that my legs were obviously relaxed and I walked. Or running is not so tired. When running, you can gradually run for a long time, and at the same time, your legs feel strong, so you do n’t have to feel tired as before. At this time, moxibustion at Guan Yuan Point also started to feel a thin line from Guan Yuan Point. From the inside of the thigh to the sole of the foot, a very thin line, but it is not a strong feeling, just the experience, there is a slight thin line.
     This state lasted for several months, and the current-like sensation on the legs began to become daily. A moxibustion of Zusanli took place, and the toes moved a little, which was quite fun. But Guan Yuanxue didn't feel it every time. Moxibustion is about once every 3 to 5 days, but it ’s better if you do n’t pursue it. Anyway, the symptoms of cold legs are alleviated!
     This period of time lasted for half a year, and the constant moxibustion did not follow the 15-minute moxibustion or something written in the book, just to see their own tolerance and time.
     During the Spring Festival in 2010, I returned to Beijing. I heard that Ai You said that the back waist was very good. I asked my father who practiced Qigong. The father said: The back waist is called iceberg in Qigong. All the cold air will gather in that part, like Like an iceberg. This started moxibustion on the lower back.
     After starting moxibustion, I can't feel the heat in the lower back, because even if I press the moxibustion strip to the bottom in the later period, I can't feel the heat. I thought it might be insufficient firepower. I have also used a four-hole moxibustion box, but That guy is too hot to stand.
     On one day in April 2010, two red bumps appeared on the lower back and waist of my lower back. It was very itchy. It was usually okay, but not very itchy. But as soon as moxibustion was given, my heart was itchy. The online teacher ’s blog said it was detox The reaction was to apply moxa oil on this part and then moxibustion. After half a month, it gradually did not itch, and this red pimple gradually began to peel off one layer at a time. Finally, one day, I felt A heat flow was sent from the bottom of the moxibustion box, and it reached the feet from the bladder. A thick heat flow came to the small toes at once. Then the whole foot surface started to heat up.
     I know that the feeling of moxibustion is coming. As soon as the moxibustion box is placed on the part of the waist and eyes, a heat flow starts to flow to the feet like hot water, and the whole foot gradually heats up. Then he started to feel a blister of gas running away from his little toes along the heat flow. After a few days, there was no heat. I felt that the bladder meridian was cold and cold, just like the whole meridian was filled with ice. I used 4 moxibustion sticks that day, and I slowly felt that the ice-like sensation started from the little toes. I ran out, and the heat flow slowly returned to the bladder meridian. After that, I felt that my legs were more comfortable than ever!
     In the future, the meridian conduction will be transmitted. The heat flow of the bladder meridian is transmitted to the kidney meridian through the small toe. The renal meridian is the same process, and then the heat flow from the lumbar and eye parts is transmitted to the bile meridian and then from the bile meridian. The rules of transmission are bladder meridian, kidney meridian, and then bile meridian. Slowly, the stomach meridian and spleen meridian are mainly in no particular order. If you do n’t know the sigmoid, you will have meridian fever. It ’s amazing. Through the sense of moxibustion, I gradually learned about these meridians on the legs. That's pretty consistent with what the ancestors said. Worship the ancestors.
    Ai Huo spreads throughout the legs through the meridian, and slowly slowly warms up everywhere on the leg. The most obvious is that it is a bit cold and does not feel pain, but this heat is layered, and it is not hot It's over. After a period of time, it's cold, then hot, and then cold. The cold and heat of a meridian has gone through many times. I think it might be the cold and the heat of moxibustion.
    Moxibustion also has one of the most important benefits I will talk about now. It ’s about being able to lose weight. I slowly realized this, because when the moxibustion strip is placed at the gate of life, the veins gradually start to heat up. This also takes half a month, and then through the veins, the navel gradually When it warms up, it passes through the navel, and the hot air is passed to the abdomen, and the stomach begins to gurgle, and then it is exhausted. Moxibustion has to put 7-10 farts for more than an hour. During this time, I have to use 3-5 every day. The second-largest toilet, black poop, is very stinky. It should be the poop in the book.
    This feeling is also felt in moxibustion. When moxibustion, the stomach gurgles, like hot water flowing in the stomach. I'm not quite sure when I started to lose weight. Anyway, when I got 160 pounds in July 2009, I got 144 pounds in April 2010. I didn't mention that at that time. The belly is obviously small.
    From July 2009 to April 2010, I have been in moxibustion at Zusanli, Batu acupoint, waist and eyes, and Mingmen, and occasionally I moxibustion in acupuncture moxibustion. The time is just like this, day by day, walking, light diet, Ai Moxibustion, the spirit gradually improved.
    When I was waiting for the car one day, I was pushed by someone behind me. When I sat down, I felt a line in my waist and felt sore. I didn't pay much attention. After a few days, I was struggling to sit and stand up. Waist down, stood up and held the table.
    I asked Fu Fu and his apprentice Zheng Fu of Andingmen Hospital of Beijing to give orthopedics first, and then massage. Massage is not the purpose. Through massage, the muscles or nerves in the lower back are detected, and then a yellow Traditional Chinese medicine was injected into the sacrum, and after 6 treatments, the effect was very obvious. You can feel a sticky ache in the wind, acupoints, and Yinbao points on the legs after each treatment. It is blocked, moxibustion waist and eyes, feel the fire of moxibustion in the meridian, like the clear water is washing the sticky, cold substance in the meridian, the moxibustion of these sticky substances The upper acupuncture points rushed to the feet along the meridians. The kind of sticky feeling, I like the lard in a tube, and then use warm water to wash the wall of the tube, the lard slowly goes The feeling of flowing down, when moxibustion, you can feel a kind of heat from the waist, eyes to the abdomen, like a hot beam of light all the way to the belly, and then slowly go to the internal organs, feeling very strong, this time I am generally ai Moxibustion uses two eye moxibustion boxes to burn two moxibustion sticks at the same time.
    It is worth mentioning that before treating low back pain, I had a broad bean-sized nodule in the position beside the lumbar, eye, and spine. After passing this powerful moxibustion, there was no trace.
    After six three-week treatments and experience of a moxibustion experience that I have never experienced before, my waist has basically had no problems until now.
    The waves were flat and waves started again. I just got my waist back. After a long business trip, my back had problems. My back was cramped. After the doctor's inspection, it was a cervical problem. I was almost depressed. By the age, everything is wrong.
    Started further treatments. Waist-like treatments on the cervical spine, injections, and moxibustion. After more than a month of moxibustion and vertebral moxibustion, the meridians on my hand basically felt hot until the article was written. Slowly the cervical spine and back are beginning to feel comfortable. It seems that the revolutionary cause has further developed, and the meridians and collaterals on the hand are open. Sometimes I can feel the heat from the front chest cavity to the lower abdomen. It should be Ai Huo slowly passing along the meridians to the internal organs.
    It has been a year and a half from moxibustion in July 2009. To sum it up: through moxibustion, low back pain, cold old legs, cervical spondylosis and back pain are being treated. I believe that the six meridians of the hand are clear. The problems of cervical spondylosis and back pain should be cured in the near future.
    I initially calculated that the amount of moxa I used was one per day (average calculation of two moxa moxibustions and no moxibustion). Until now, one year and a half moxibustion, even 500 days, should be 50 boxes of moxibustion. The amount is up. At this step of the body, from the time when there is no moxibustion, I gradually start to have a clear sense of moxibustion, to the treatment of Ai Jing, but there are still many meridians in the body, which shows that my previous concern for the body was not enough.
My Moxibustion Intermediate Stage
My brother started moxibustion under my guidance. I bought more than 300 moxa sticks and moxibustion boxes, and I gave him a lot of moxibustion meridian books. Since July 2010, he has also started moxibustion.
    When he moxibusted, he felt a lot faster than me. I had moxibustion like hot water flow after half a year, but my brother was in good health and his meridians were smoother than me. There was a heat flow from the gate to the little toe during the 2 moxibustions. The veins are also unblocked by the third time, and a heat flow goes to the feet and also to the navel, and then the meridians on the legs are smooth.
    He used to have athlete's foot for more than ten years. He also had stinky feet and loved sweat. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter were all winter with single shoes. He did n’t wear cotton shoes. Stinky.
After Ai Huo reached the feet, the athlete's foot part on the foot was as painful as a needle stick. Slowly, the athlete's foot part of the foot began to peel off, and a large piece of skin fell down. The large one was the size of a five-cent coin and the small one. It is also the size of a coin, and it is very amazing that Ai Huo got there, and his athlete's foot there was like a needle and then peeled. After the skin of the feet is completely removed, the tender new skin grows, and the athlete's foot is also good. Then the skin of the feet begins to peel off, and the order of peeling is layer by layer, after the layer is dropped, then Take another layer.
    The response to my brother's illness is the same as mine, but I only excrete to the level of wind and cold; Evil expulsion is when I feel the toes in my body or the cold or hot wind at the end of my finger is expelled from my finger. The fingers or toes feel the wind. The hot wind feels like there is wind in a pipe, but there are some debris in the wind, such as branches or the like. These debris are hitting the pipe. The wind is not a warm heat flow without impurities like a moxibustion fire, it is a kind of very hot air, just like the hot air blown out by an air conditioner outdoor unit in a sultry summer.
    The feeling of cold is generally the first congestion, and then the cold or cold gas or bubble-like gas is discharged from the meridians. Sometimes the whole meridian of the discharged sick gas is cold, as if the meridians are all ice. .
    I can basically only reach this level of disease elimination, but my brother can further expel moisture and cold on the above wind and cold levels for the disease elimination of moxibustion. The so-called humidity is said to be more difficult Sickness, such as the dampness of the spleen, feels like cramps in the entire toe when drained from the toes, and I can't control it. I just experienced this feeling recently. When the toes are like cramps, there is no feeling, but in During the process of exhausting Qi, you will feel that a large, fast, hard and sticky thing is slowly moving from the meridian to the toes. During the movement, the legs will feel like spasms. This overweighing takes a long time. From my brother's experience, it may take several months before the moisture in some viscera can be exhausted.
    I also feel the feeling of icy cold. I have never experienced this. I just heard my brother said that his previous lungs were not good. He often woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning, and often spit white sputum. At the same time that I was lying down, I lay down a few days at night. The sweat on my chest and back was flowing like a spring. The meridians of the body were cooling out, and I felt like some part of my body was freezing. According to the running sequence of meridians, sickness qi is discharged. These sickness qi are collected from various parts of the body to the back and waist, and then discharged from the bladder meridian, bile meridian, and stomach meridians to the feet. Heavy, feeling cramps.
    Beginning in March 2011, my brother began to have a stronger response to the disease.
    The face was swollen and painful, and the whole headache hurt. I wanted to hit the wall, insisted on moxibustion, and took a week of traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. I started to see rashes on my forehead, then I sweated a lot, and then I disappeared. After half of my face is swollen, I will feel nauseous when I smell the oil smoke. I ca n’t eat greasy things. I only eat millet gruel, noodle soup, and boiled vegetables every day. According to the Chinese medicine doctor, my face was swollen because of a delayed stomach fire. Therefore, you cannot eat greasy in the later stage, because the body is automatically adjusting the stomach.
    The summary of the above stage is basically that the wind and cold on the surface are discharged first, then the deeper cold, and then the moisture. After the moisture has evaporated to a certain extent, the cold in the body is slowly melting, very slowly. A process takes about several months.
    During the elimination of sickness, I felt like diarrhea. I had stools many times a day, and the stools were black and smelly. That was to eliminate the sickness in the large intestine, small intestine, and stomach meridian. It is to exclude cold, cramps on the foot. It is to exclude moisture, sweating along the meridian, and a lot of sweating in some parts of the body. When this kind of perspiration is felt, a certain point of the meridian is like a spring. The sweat dripping out, that is to exclude the cold in the meridians. In the process of eliminating ice and cold, there is still a feeling of back pain, because the cold air is collected on the waist and then down to the feet. But there is one thing in common, whether it is diarrhea or other feelings, is that the physical response is getting better and better, and the mental state is getting better and better.
    I think that in the process of eliminating the sickness in the body, the essence is to help the body's yang to fight the sickness through moxibustion, so no
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