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Why use older argy wormwood leaf for moxibustion?

发布时间:2020-03-08  作者:admin
     With people's emphasis on health, argy wormwood leaf moxibustion has gradually come into people's sight. Moreover, because of the advantages of safe, convenient and effective moxibustion of argy wormwood leaf moxibustion without any side effects, people increasingly like argy wormwood leaf moxibustion. People who usually pay attention to it will know that both the argy wormwood leaf moxibustion shop and TV experts say that moxa sticks or moxa punk used for argy wormwood leaf moxibustion are made of older argy wormwood leaf, or three years older argy wormwood leaf, five years older argy wormwood leaf.
older argy wormwood leaf
     Help everyone popularize older argy wormwood leaf today.
     To achieve good results with argy wormwood leaf moxibustion, you need to choose good raw materials so that the efficacy of the medicine can be better. The material for argy wormwood leaf moxibustion is moxa punk, and moxa sticks or moxa tubes made from moxa punk are used to moxibuste acupuncture points. The choice of moxa punk is the key. The color of the moxa punk is yellow or golden yellow. The moxa punk is soft and free of impurities.
    "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "Pick off the clean leaves, lift the dust, into the stone mortar, smash the wooden pestle, remove the dregs, and remove the white ones, until they are soft and rotten. Moxibustion is effective. "The quality of moxa punk also affects the effect of moxibustion. Moxa punk is of good quality, free of impurities, and is dry, long-term storage, high efficacy, good curative effect, and vice versa. Inferior moxa punk, the fire is irritating when burning, which easily makes the patient feel burning and unbearable, and because of the large amount of impurities, it often bursts when burning. In the "Mencius-Li Lou", "Seven years of illness, please seek argy wormwood leaf for three years."
     This shows that the ancients had considerable experience in selecting argy wormwood leaf. The advantages of older argy wormwood leaf are that it contains less volatile oil, burns slowly, has mild firepower, and less smoke after burning, and argy wormwood leaf does not fall off easily. Newer argy wormwood leaf does not have these advantages. Newer argy wormwood leaf has a strong smell and contains volatile oil. Many, fast burning, strong firepower, large smoke after burning, argy wormwood leaf ash is easy to fall off, and it is easy to hurt skin and blood veins. Therefore, clinically, older argy wormwood leaf should be used instead of newer argy wormwood leaf. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", it is stated that "every person who uses argy wormwood leaf needs to be used for a long time, and the order is soft. It is known as argy wormwood leaf. If you fire argy wormwood leaf, it will easily hurt your muscles."
     Moxa punk is made of older argy wormwood leaf, but moxa punk is softer than argy wormwood leaf. The quality of moxa punk will affect the effect of argy wormwood leaf moxibustion. Then, how do we distinguish moxa punk? Pros and cons? Let Xiaoshan teach us four aspects of pros and cons of moxa punk. by moxa punk
     Pick out the clean leaves, lift the dust, enter the stone mortar, poke the wood pestle, remove the dregs, and remove the white ones, until it is soft and rotten. (Ming) Li Shizhen's Outline of Li Cao
     To make moxa punk, you must choose a long-lasting argy wormwood leaf, and the older the better, because the newer argy wormwood leaf contains more volatile oil, which is difficult to extinguish after burning, which will cause burning pain; and the older argy wormwood leaf It has low water content and also contains many flammable organic substances. It is flammable and extinguishable, which can reduce the pain of burning. In particular, the use of older argy wormwood leaf moxibustion therapy has sufficient firepower, sexual warmth, scent and aroma, and clear channeling, which is the most suitable treatment feature of moxibustion. When making, first repeatedly sterilize the older argy wormwood leaf with a pestle, sift it clean, remove impurities, and make it soft and thin to make a moxa punk. The quality of moxa punk has a certain effect on the effect of argy wormwood leaf moxibustion.
     The quality of moxa punk is mainly determined by four conditions: First, the time of collection: generally in late spring and early summer, at this time, the argy wormwood leaf is lush and tender, very clean, because there are fewer fibers; the second is the processing process: good The moxa punk is very meticulous during processing. It removes the soil and fibers inside, so the fleece is soft and delicate; the third is to have good storage conditions: dry and not wet; the fourth is to ensure a long storage time: moxa punk Dry and stale, the fibers in it are almost non-existent, so the penetration is strong and the moxibustion is strong during burning. So how to distinguish the pros and cons when buying moxa punk? It mainly starts from the four aspects of cashmere, color, taste and smoke. 1.moxa punk feel
     High quality: The high-quality moxa punk fleece is dry, delicate, soft and free of impurities, and can be pinched into shape.
Poor quality: Poor moxa punk has other impurities such as stalks, argy wormwood leaf grains, etc., and the texture is hard and difficult to form.
     2.moxa punk color
     High quality: High quality moxa punk color, earth yellow or golden yellow is better.
     Inferior: Inferior moxa punk color, greenish. Indicates a newer argy wormwood leaf, not an older argy wormwood leaf.
     3.moxa punk smell
     High quality: The smell of high-quality moxa punk after burning, the taste is mild and the aroma of argy wormwood leaf grass is not pungent.
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