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Benefits and efficacy of moxibustion Dazhui

发布时间:2020-03-10  作者:admin
    There are many acupoints in the human body, and each acupoint can play a different conditioning role on the body. Among them, Dazhui is an important acupoint. Let's take a look at the benefits and efficacy of moxibustion.
Benefits of Moxibustion Dazhui:
    Dazhui is the meeting point of the Sanyang Meridian and Dumai of the hands and feet. It is an important acupuncture point for strengthening health. It is also the first major acupuncture point to supplement yang. Chinese medicine believes that yang is the solid foundation of the body and there is sufficient yang in the body. External evils cannot invade. Therefore, moxibustion of Dazhui acupoint, supplementing oxygen, can strengthen the human body's resistance, prevent various diseases such as damage and colds, and clear the mind, enhance intelligence, and regulate the benefits of brain function.
    The Dazhui acupoint belongs to the Governor's Vessel and is the meeting of the Sanyang Meridian of the hands and feet. This moxibustion acupuncture point can dispel wind and dispel cold, intercept malaria and stop epilepsy, nourish qi and yang, clear the brain and condense, and have the effect of solid surface equalization.
Exact location of moxibustion Dazhui:
    In the posterior midline, the 7th cervical spinous process is in the depression. Acupoint selection: Sitting position, the highest point of the vertebra at the junction of the neck and the back is the seventh cervical vertebra, and the depression of its lower edge is the acupoint.
Moxibustion Dazhui symptomatic disease:
Orthopedic disorders: pillow fall, cervical spondylosis, shoulder and back lumbar pain.
Fever disorders: colds, fevers, chills, fever, malaria, heat stroke.
Signs and symptoms: acute conjunctivitis, facial glanditis, keratitis, glaucoma.
Respiratory disorders: cough, wheezing, sore throat.
Neurological disorders: pediatric convulsions, epilepsy, madness, epilepsy, snoring.
Other disorders: Five labor deficiencies, seven injuries fatigue, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, high blood pressure.
Dazhui is matched with asthma, the hole is the most, and the column is missing: it treats asthma.
Dazhui with Quchi, Hegu, Fengchi points: treating fever.
Dazhui with Yaoshu, Tongguan, Jianshi acupoints: treating malaria.
Dazhui with Changqiang acupoint: You can adjust Dumai.
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