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Can wild wormwood be eaten?

发布时间:2020-03-12  作者:admin
   Everyone has heard of moxibustion. Moxibustion has the effect of helping Yuanyang, tonics, and the raw material wormwood used by moxibustion. In fact, wormwood, especially wild wormwood, grows well in all regions of the country.
wild wormwood
Can wild wormwood be eaten?
The nutritional value of wormwood
   Wild wormwood is extremely potent. After picking home, you can directly soak your feet with warm water, which has the effect of warming tonic. It can also be dried in the sun. It can be used to make moxa column in the second year, health care, and even conditioning sub-health.
Some time ago, my friend just ate wormwood to take care of himself. Wormwood has many uses, it can be said that wormwood is treasure all over the body. The usage is different at different times. We can eat it when we are young, and we can bathe or soak our feet in the dried wormwood. Let's see why wormwood is so good!
  Can wild wormwood be eaten?
  Wild wormwood can be eaten. The nutritional value of wormwood is as follows:
  1. Modern pharmacology has found that argy wormwood leaf contains a lot of volatile oil, 1.8-eucalyptol (accounting for more than 50%), others include α-Thujone, sesquiterpene alcohol and its esters. Air-dried leaves contain 10.13% of minerals, 2.59% of fat, 25.85% of protein, and vitamins A, B1, B2, and C.
can wild wormwood eat
  2. Stems and leaves contain volatile aromatic oils. The strange aroma it produces can repel mosquitoes, insects and ants, and purify the air.
  [Common ways to eat wormwood]
Eat: Eating ai, which is very common in rural areas, is the same as the desserts that adults give to children, which is also a delicious. And they will collect these and dry them. The older the older argy wormwood leaf is, the better it is. Many rural people use it to remove moisture from the body, because it is not necessary to buy it. use.
  [In addition to one of the above methods, there are also ways to eat these wormwood (young wormwood leaves)]
   1. Argy wormwood leaf dish. Method: Mince the argy wormwood leaf, put an appropriate amount of flour, knead the dough with water and salt to make a medium-sized argy wormwood leaf, and steam it in the pot. Role: Can ventilate blood, dispel cold and dampness, stop bleeding, and conceive. Especially before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, the argy wormwood leaf is fresh and tender, with appetizing and spleen enhancement, and appetite enhancement.
argy wormwood leaf
argy wormwood leaf
   2. Argy wormwood leaf boiled egg: Argy wormwood leaf boiled egg is a classic and common way of eating. It has good curative effect on senile diarrhea such as kidney-yang deficiency. The general practice of boiled eggs with argy wormwood leaf is: 2 eggs, with the right amount of argy wormwood leaf. Wrap the egg with argy wormwood leaf, cook it in a strong fire, then remove the shell and eat the egg. In addition to this method, there are argy wormwood leaf brown sugar boiled eggs and argy wormwood leaf ginger boiled eggs.
   3. Hen argy wormwood leaf soup: Method: 1 old hen, argy wormwood leaf 15g. Wash the old hen, cut into pieces, cook the soup with argy wormwood leaf, and eat it in 2 or 3 times. Role: qi and blood, spleen and calm the heart, suitable for women with physical weakness can not take blood and cause menstruation, palpitations, insomnia, dreams, cold abdominal pain and so on.
   4. Argy wormwood leaf meatball. Method: Mince the pork and argy wormwood leaf separately, add an appropriate amount of salt, ginger, monosodium glutamate, peanut oil, raw flour, eggs and mix well, then process into meatballs or patties by conventional methods. Either boil, fry, or steam. Role: warm the stomach and soothe the nerves.
  Although wormwood is good, there are people who are not suitable for it. Now it is summer and also the season when moisture is prevailing. Wormwood can be used as soon as it is dry. At night, bubble feet can help you remove moisture and prevent moisture. If you have a tender purchase, you can use it for cooking. When eating, the only thing to pay attention to is not to eat too much at one time, even the best things should be moderate. When it comes to getting rid of dampness, many friends are not suitable for soaking feet, and their physiques are different. So I also collected the methods. Those who are not suitable for you can use these.
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